Streamlining EPT Generation for PRIIPs Compliance

KID Generation Simplified

One of the situations you have had to encounter in your business is handling the generation of Key Information Documents (KIDs). RiskConcile presents tailored solutions that help streamline the creation of EPT (European PRIIPs Template) and hence an easy sail through any regulatory requirement.

EPT Mastery

EPT Generation Challenge

It is noteworthy that a crucial element for PRIIPs compliance is the creation of EPTs (European PRIIPs Templates).

The European PRIIPs Template, developed by Findatex, caters to the cross-industry demands of the financial industry and outspreads information interchange between product manufacturers, distributors, or any other stakeholders for ensuring compliance with the EU legislation. EPTs generation requires precise calculations, accurate data, and must be compliant with the PRIIPs regulatory standards.

Effective EPTs are essential not just for regulatory compliance, but also to ensure accurate data alignment with your fund distributors, ultimately boosting the success of marketing efforts. This makes the generation of EPT very complex and document accuracy, compliant issues, and proper distribution the cause of all concerns. Added to that, monthly updates handling and getting those out to end customers is bound to be an operational burden.

EPT Simplified

EPT Solution for RiskConcile

RiskConcile converts this world of EPT complexity into a very simple one. By using our EPT solution, you can centralize data, automate intricate calculations, and streamline the production of EPTs among others - PRIIP KIDs, UCITS KIIDs, and EMTs.

We offer a range of flexible options, customized to suit your organization's needs, from Managed Service, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or API integration for calculations. EPT-compliant results are delivered directly to the user, featuring sole entry costs.

Our solution re-engineers the whole process starting from data collection to precise calculations in PRIIPSLab and culminates with EPT templates. These outputs can be accessed through our easy user-friendly cloud-based client portal, which ensures the convenience of compliance reporting.


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