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MiFID Compliance

Simplifying MiFID Compliance

MiFID compliance can feel like navigating a maze. At RiskConcile, we've developed a way to make sure your company meets all the regulatory requirements without the headache.

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A complex beast

The Challenge of MiFID Compliance

The MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is a complex beast, filled with a wide range of regulations, reporting duties, and standards for best execution.

This presents a big challenge for asset managers, legal pros, and fund administrators. Asset managers and legal experts need to make sure that up-to-date, error-free PRIIP KIDs (Key Information Documents) get to the right people. Meanwhile, risk managers are wrestling with keeping data accurate, and operations teams are bogged down with manual tasks and the risk of mistakes. This complexity often leads to worries about being accurate and compliant, making human errors, and getting documents out correctly.  Not to mention the extra burden of monthly updates and translations. That's why having an effective MiFID compliance solution is so crucial.

Our Solutions

RiskConcile’s MiFID compliance solutions

RiskConcile shines in two main areas of MiFID compliance

EMT (European MIFID Template) Production and Maintenance

MIFID Transaction Cost Calculation

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