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UCITS Compliance

Simplifying UCITS Compliance

UCITS compliance is crucial for financial institutions in the European Union. At RiskConcile, we go beyond just software; we offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to help you meet UCITS regulations.

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Keeping Up with UCITS Compliance

UCITS, short for Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities, is a set of laws that govern investment funds in the EU.

While it aims to ensure transparency and protect investors, complying with UCITS can be a huge challenge for asset managers, legal professionals, and fund administrators. Navigating UCITS regulations requires detailed documentation, thorough reporting, and significant disclosures. It can be a daunting, time-consuming task, often overwhelming for financial professionals.


RiskConcile’s UCITS Compliance Solution

RiskConcile is here to fully support you in meeting UCITS regulations, addressing the distinct requirements of both the UK and the EU. Each region has its own documentation needs: the UK requires UCITS KIID, while the EU looks for PRIIPs KID.

Our solutions are designed to fulfil these specific obligations, ensuring you're up to standard with compliance. For those distributing UCITS to retail investors in the UK, it's important to note that the UCITS KIID remains mandatory, as HM Treasury has extended the PRIIPs exemption until 2026. We've tailored our UCITS compliance check to meet the unique demands of UCITS-related products, ensuring they comply with the regulatory standards of the UK and the EU. In addition, we offer specialized software to aid in UCITS compliance assessments and enhance UCITS global exposure and liquidity risk management. We also create PRIIP KIDs for UCITS (Category 2 PRIIPs).

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Why Partner with RiskConcile for UCITS Compliance

Our group of seasoned experts from the financial world, including former derivatives traders, asset managers, risk managers, and UCITS specialists, bring a treasure trove of practical experience.

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